Summer break

This summer I took 40 days off of work. I had planned to rest and write. I wanted to finish the first draft of The Novel, or at the very least make progress on my non-fiction book My journey to simplicity.

Instead, I ended up needing more rest than I thought. I’ve learned a while ago that I really need to listen to my body. If it’s asking for rest, I must oblige.

Although I did write a little, my summer vacation was mostly filled with relaxing days at home and crochet, with a little weekend travel and camping mixed in here and there.

I crocheted blankets and hats. Crochet was still a creative way to spend my time. And I love how happy my creations made the people who received them. I’m still surprised at people’s reactions to my gifts of crochet.

Anyway, now I’m back! Back to work, and back to writing!

Hopefully, I’ll have a new piece or two to share with you in the next few weeks or months.

Until next time!

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