Stephen King On Writing

Alright, for some reason, King’s work has been on my path lately.

I started following him (and a few other authors I could think of) on Twitter when I decided to take my writing seriously. I figured I should surround myself, even if it was just virtually, with other writers. And I’m glad I did, because one of his tweets inspired a story (which is still simmering).

On Writing came up often as recommended reading for me in 2017. So I bought it and it’s the first one I read from my 2018 reading list.

And now, from reading it, three things have happened:

  1. I want to read more.
  2. I want to read more of his stuff.
  3. I now feel I have permission to write what and how I want.

I’m not usually drawn to the genre of fiction he writes. But I quite enjoyed his writing style. I want more!

The first part of On Writing is a sort of brief biography on how he got into writing. He has a sort of disclaimer at the beginning saying that he only remembers snippets of his childhood, so that’s what and how he wrote it. Reading that lifted a self-imposed weight from my shoulders.

Where did that weight come from?

Well, one piece of advice I’ve read on writing (from a few different sources) suggests to practice by writing about your life. That’s always sort of stopped me in my tracks. I don’t think that I could write all of my life story with great accuracy. So, since I don’t expect to write it perfectly, I haven’t even been able to start writing it at all.

However, King wrote what he remembered of his childhood. And as I was reading, I started to see how I could do something similar with my life story. In fact, some of his memories triggered some of mine. They’re not even similar, but nevertheless, they were triggered.

Ah! Maybe I’m starting to sound like a weirdo?

I’m not obsessing over King. He just happens to be one of the current muses. And who cares where inspiration comes from, as long as it comes. Right?

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