Creativity in the shadows

I have been quiet lately. At least, online.

I haven’t given up writing. I have been setting up my writing office and working on a novel.

What does my office look like?

Imagine a bright and sunny room where I write the most wonderful stories at a big white desk. There’s a clear glass vase filled with roses on the corner. The windows are wide open to a bright blue sky – white sheer curtains dance in the gentle breeze.

I get up and walk barefoot across the warm hardwood floor – a cup of tea in my hands – and look out over the yard to the lake where the waves catch the sun.

I squint from the glare, take a deep breath, smile, and walk back to my desk to keep writing.

This is my office… *sound of a needle scratching a record* … in my dreams.

Actually, I write in a dark corner of our basement storage area, next to the furnace, and as far away as I can get from the household goings-on while still remaining in the house.

I need to feel completely alone to write – this hideout seems to do the trick.

It’s the only somewhat free space in the house where I could create an office.

Chris finished prepping the walls for me to paint, and he’ll be laying down a laminate floor to make it more comfortable for me.

He’s pretty awesome.

However, since I couldn’t wait for the hideout to be finished, we’ve already set it up  on the concrete floor and unpainted walls so that I could start using it right away.

Even though it’s unfinished, I love my space.

Being in the basement reminds me of when I was a teenager and claimed the basement in my family home as my artist’s studio. (I love that my parents let me do that!)

Seems as though creativity in the shadows suits me well… for now.

I would prefer the office of my dreams, but I feel that I can now focus on writing in my hideout.

So if you’re looking for me, I’m probably in the basement, creating in the shadows.


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