I miss her

I haven’t given her much attention lately, even though she’s still on my mind.

Six months ago, I started a new job that challenges me in a great way. I give so much of myself at work — I feel like I have nothing left to give once my day is done. I’m exhausted, but I feel fulfilled and happy.

But I miss Melissa.

You would think that if I missed her so much, I’d give her more attention. That I’d spend time with her and see how she’s doing. That I would just write her story.

I want to. I just want to make sure that while I spend with her, I give her the best of me. I want to sit with her when I feel I can really get into it with her.

I just have to find a way to give her the time she deserves. Find a way to focus and write her story.

She needs me.

And I miss her.

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