About Dominique

Dominique was born in Gatineau (Hull), Quebec in 1974, eldest child of Michel and Suzanne Joly. She grew up in Deschenes, a small neighbourhood in Gatineau (Aylmer), Quebec.

As a child, Dominique would play hide and seek, and improvisation, with her sister and her neighbourhood friends. They would also play “explorers” in the old flour mill ruins that have since been torn down to make way for condominiums.

When her family would take cottage summer vacations, Dominique would put on plays with her sister and cousin, and make her parents, uncles and aunts watch and pay 25 cents for the performance.

As a teenager, she loved painting, drawing, sculpting, and writing terrible punk music lyrics. She would often wait until the last minute to write the essays, poems or short story assignments, but always managed to get good grades on them.

Dominique is now a writer and a federal public servant who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.